Real-Time Data Insights and Analytics

Use our platform to gain a deeper understanding of your leads. Uncover insights into what motivates them to participate and subscribe to your services. Understand what actions they are likely to take next. Get all the data you need to re-engage your users and encourage them to attend your events..

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AI-Powered Platform

Our AI-powered platform enables you to create lasting user relationships. It analyzes user behavior and gathers empirical data based on the engagement history to help you create custom rules based on your engagement strategy. This allows you to create multiple touch points, understand which rewards and messages work the best for them, allowing you to personalize nearly every aspect.

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Engagement Equals Loyalty
Incentives and Gamification

Robust Tracking Technology

Spotlights by SkillSmith has the most robust tracking technology that offer you deep insights into your user’s progress, onboarding status, events attended, referrals sent, and more. Nearly every activity on any device can be tracked by our system.

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A Data Science Process

Our platform captures all the analytical data you will ever need. We track social shares of your events, subscriptions, referrals sent, sales completed from referrals, and more. All this data is run through a three-stage process to provide you a complete picture of the user journey, offering you greater opportunities to engage your users.

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Insights and Analytics

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