Drive Product Adoption With 360° Education

CX360 by SkillSmith improves product knowledge and creates rewarding experiences for your customers, so they drive social advocacy and generate revenue for you.

Gamified Motivators

Dynamic leaderboards and virtual badges motivate customers to engage consistently

Goals & Objectives

Create custom goals based on your product strategy or individual customer profiles


Boost content consumption with easy-to-assimilate bite-sized content


Have focused topical discussions in a community environment that drives product awareness


360° Solution to Drive Positive Experiences

SkillSmith offers you the tools to create informative content that boosts product adoption by 3x. Our platform fosters sharing of content in rich format. With 200+ reward options and gamified motivators to motivate your customers consume content and exhibit advocacy behavior, you will see a spike in your brand awareness and customer lifetime value.

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Stay on Track With Progress Evaluation

Never lose track of your customers’ progress with SkillSmith. Keep them consistently engaged in participating on a daily basis and achieve the goals you’ve set for them.


Create exciting challenges around completing tasks based on your product strategy

Personalized Assessments

Customers take up quick assignments to showcase their understanding of your product

Rewards for Engagement

Thrill your customers by offering rewards for watching demos, completing challenges, and more

Advanced Monitoring

Monitor progress with SkillSmith’ intelligent analytics that offer valuable insights


Intelligent AI Engine & Analytics

Gaining an understanding of your customers’ learning behavior is crucial to building an effective customer training program. CX360 by SkillSmith offers program managers valuable insights that allow them to accelerate product adoption and social sharing.

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Seamlessly Integrate With Popular Tools

Build valuable customer relationships that boost loyalty and lifetime value with CX360. Our platform integrates seamlessly with major CRM, POS, ESP software, allowing you to automate and merge customer training data.

Merge Data With CRM

Merge your customer training data with popular CRMs - Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, and more

Automate Marketing

Create compelling automated campaigns based on your customers’ learning patterns

Single Sign-On

Dramatically increase usage and security while allowing customers to sign-in with a single click

POS Integration

Create, manage and update engagement across all popular POS systems – Shopify, Magento, and more – or connect through API seamlessly.


Fast-Track Training Progress

With valuable integrations, our platform lets you create multiple touchpoints and reward interactions as well. You can track every customer activity and create content that drives engagement.

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Smart Features for Advocacy Boost

Engage each customer in their learning and advocacy journey. Employ our smart tools that boost content consumption, lead to an increase in product usage, and develops advocacy behavior.

In-Built Referral Tools

Boost your reach with integrated referral tools that allow customer to send personalized referrals

Unlimited Reward Options

200+ reward options ensure that your customers are motivated to learn, use and share your products

Tiered Rewards Structure

Encourage customers to exhibit desirable behavior, such as recommending your product or completing modules

Social Recognition

Thrill customers with social badges and dynamic leaderboards that entice them to share their achievements on social media


Offer Dynamic and Personalized Rewards

Easily encourage your customers to complete milestones and fast-track achievements that lead to product adoption. Our platform features an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence Engine that boosts personalization and delivers a satisfying user experience for each customer. That satisfaction of achievement leads to longer lifetime value and a measurable boost in social advocacy.

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Reduced Support Costs

Allow your customer success teams to focus on important areas. Our platform helps you identify key problem areas and create on-demand training content that reduces customer wait time and support tickets.

Message Automation

Create automated messages to commonly asked questions and reduce ticket overloads

Content Creation

Our platform enables you and your customers to create informative content that accelerates onboarding

Channels & Forums

Host topical discussions within channels to address customer concerns and create a vibrant, vocal community

Better Customer Experience

Reduce waiting time to offer your customers a positive experience everytime


Improve Customer Experiences

Your customers don’t want to wait to get their queries resolves. Create informative content, product demos, and more so you can get them onboarded without losing opportunities.

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